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  • Activate service External Service Name HCM_CICO_MANAGE_SRV 
  • If save button on Fiori app is not active require to create processing 
Define Processing ProcessesUse
In this activity, you determine for each rule group for Customizing tables in the Web environment whether employees' clock-in/out corrections are subject to an approval process and whether you want to use the SAP Business Workflow to control the processing process.
You can also specify which actions (such as create, change, and delete) employees are permitted to carry out in the Web application, and whether and how the next agent is to be determined in cases where a correction has to be approved or forwarded for information.

  • ​Time events store in table TPTCOR_CORE
  • Use report RPTCORPOST to post ClockIn/Out to TEVEN table IT2011 
Clock-In/Out Corrections: Post
PurposeYou can use this program to post clock-in/out corrections to the TEVEN table.

PrerequisitesWe advise you to run this program in the background and to schedule it regularly (such as daily or weekly).
You should schedule it for before time evaluation so that the corrections can be taken into account in the time evaluation run. The time evaluation messages behind the corrections are then no longer displayed the next day in the Clock-In/Out Corrections Web application.
FeaturesThe program posts all documents that have the status Approved or Error. Depending on the status of the request, you can also select whether the requests are to be processed. If a personnel number or payroll are is locked, the program repeats the posting at the next runtime.
If the personnel number field is left empty, the report runs for all personnel numbers. For performance reasons, the report should always be scheduled like this. The option of posting for individual personnel numbers was added mainly for the purposes of analysis and error handling.

  • Short video can be found https://youtu.be/lulaWJ0S6eY